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Employee Satisfaction as a Retention Tool in Call Centers

Kelley Carson, Director of Customer Services at BendBroadband recently submitted a speaker paper about using employee satisfaction as a call center retention tool.

We’ve all heard (and probably said) “turnover is just a way of life in a call center.”  But Kelley knows that’s just an excuse.  She estimates that attrition for 1 employee can cost a company as much as $30k, when you factor in resources, benefits, training and other on-boarding processes.  If you place an emphasis on hiring a top-notch staff, it’s your responsibility as Call Center Leader to make sure the culture is one that fosters employee growth and development.

It may seem common sense that the happier your employees, the lower your turnover.  But I guess the real question for Call Center Leaders is “how do I get there?

Kelley and BendBroadband knows how – they are able to boast one of the lowest turnover rates in their industry (between 10-15%).

For more on how BendBroadband has achieved this status, Kelley’s speaker paper is available at

If you’re interested in learning more on call center employee hiring and retention, Kelley will also be leading a discussion at the 11th Annual Call Center Week (June 14-18th at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas).  Full details are at


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